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Sale conditions

  • ADOROTE is a company that sells religious items at wholesale prices in and out of the country.
  • Retailers are persons or companies who purchase a minimum of 300 USD monthly
  • Depending on the market our products are retailed with a minimum of 50% earning.


  • The prices of our products in this web page are stipulated in USD for foreing sales.
  • Taxes will be charged if the merchandise is delivered to an address in Mexico.
  • We accept credit and debit cards.
  • All merchandise is sent upon deposit or transfer confirmation at: 01 888 22 60 824.


  • In the case of regular orders without modifications we try to deliver within a week. Not including Saturday and Sunday.
  • ADOROTE will not be responsible for loss caused by delays, damages and missing merchandise caused by the packing company.
  • The charge of shipment will be paid by the customer. We suggest the purchaser acquires an insurance for the shipment.
  • All changes in the orders must be sent by e-mail or fax in order to have it registered.


  • All orders are inspected carefully through three filters, and are sealed before delivery. We will not be responsible for missing merchandise in the orders.
  • There is neither devolution nor change of products; we have a large assortment of designs and models where the customer can choose to his liking.
  • The devolution of products will be done only under the following conditions.

1. - A proven mistake in the assortment of the goods on our part. Having the bill of consignment and written documents as references.

2. - Proven defects in manufacturing reported in writing in no more than three working days after receiving the merchandise.

All defects and claims should be done in writing in no more than three days after receiving the merchandise.

Order cancellations

Advance payments: The customers who make advance payments have up to thirty days to pay all their bills, if not, they lose their advance payment and their order is canceled.


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